:: Lampros Athanassoulas A+

Lambros Athanassoulas was born on the 10th of November 1976 in Athens. He is a Mechanical Engineer with a MA in Finance. He started racing in 2001 when he won the 'Be the Champion' contest of the 4Whells magazine and Toyota Hellas. As a result he drove a 'works' Toyota Yaris A5, getting impressive results on his first season in a rally car, amongst them 3rd place in A5 in Elpa Rally. In 2003 he won the A5 class of the Greek Rally Championship in a Ford Puma Kit Car and the 2nd place in F3. In 2004 he became the official Ford Motor Hellas driver starting the first four races with a Ford Puma S1600 and completing the remain four races of the championship with a Ford Fiesta S1600. In 2006, he took a big step officially representing Greece at the Fiesta Sporting Trophy (Team Greece). His best result was winning the Rally of Germany. That year was also his first appearance in the Acropolis Rally, where he managed to be first among Greek drivers in 2008, scoring impressive times in the PWRC category.
This year, Athanassoulas-Zakheos have been able to take part in the Acropolis Rally with the Skoda Fabia S2000 due to the support of 'Skoda VIAMAR', the Greek Oil Company 'JETOIL', 'GA FERRIES', 'MICHAS' Company and 'Boo Productions'. Their effort is sponsored in terms of communication by '4WHEELS' magazine and their clothing is provided by 'PUMA'.


:: Nikos Zakhaios A-

Nikos Zakheos is Lampros' co driver for the last few years. He was born in February 2, 1980 and he has a BSc in Maritime Studies. He works as editor in chief for the 'BurnOut' magazine. His first rally appearance was in 2001. From then on, he took part in rallies as a co driver and as a driver also. He has been quite successful, having won the Greek A/5 Cup 2005 as the co driver of Lefteris Maniadakis and the Tarmac Cup (2006 & 2008) co driving for Lefteris Sotirchos. As a driver, he mostly took part in hill climb events, where he won N/1400 class in 2007 and 2008.